During my dance education they are many the teachers and choreographer who inspired me.. coming from different countries, bringing different methodologies, values, techniques...

I took a little bit from everyone of them. My movement it's a container of many different colors, tastes, notes and memories.

One among the many colors who filled my body and spirit was the experience I lived in Israel on 2015: the Gaga body language.

I fell in love with this movement practice since the first time I discovered it and till nowadays it continues feeding my dance research.

What intrigues me about the gaga language is the research around different physical qualities, the imaginative work, the deep connection with the body and physical sensations.
This language gives the dancer a box of precious tools with which he/she can research and create in a unique, personal and inventive way.
The pedagogical research that I develop during my DIVE workshops always starts with a first part of guided improvisation in which I guide the dancers through various body states and physical images and continues with a second, more creative and personal part in which the dancer is free to select, incorporate, experiment, imagine and create his/her own unique body language.

. . .

So at some point of my dance career I started to feel the wish and the need to share these movement and creative knowledges with some dancers friends of mine.

... little by little I started to teach.

Over the years I could notice on me the great pleasure and satisfaction in teaching and, on my students, the great appreciation and enthusiasm.

So I passed from teaching in friend's houses into dance and circus structures, schools and festivals.

















What is DIVE

Dive is an immersion into a non-stop guided improvisation session in which we explore the different qualities of movements within our bodies. By diving and traveling through imagination and physical sensations we connect with the most intimate and sensitive level of our physical and sensorial bodies.

The aim of this practice is to provide joy while dancing, enhance instinctive movement, creativity, open new pathways, discover the big potential of our imagination as a tool to create movement, but also to push our physical capacities to their limits. A training of imagination, awareness, physical challenge, creativity... filled by body vibration, flow and groove.

(Inspired by Gaga language).










Fond of children, I also teach since many years





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