out door performance



By observing the new technological tricks such as smartphones, tablets, i-Pads, i-Pods, and all the tools people use to avoid waiting, I first felt a strong feeling of sadness and emptiness towards the underestimated relational and imaginative potential of a wait in today's society.

After a while, this sensation turned into the willingness and need to step away from the dull social connotation as which the act of waiting is usually portrayed, that is: boredom.

That's how I represented my pastime: a big, rectangular-shaped, wooden box that recalls me the shape of a smartphone.

Using the box, I developed a 3-hour long outdoor urban space performance.

"En attendant que les poissons passent ..." is a travelling performance that transforms the act of waiting into a moment of exchange, dialogue, creation of performer-public games and pastimes. Passers-by are no longer seen as passive public. They become active part of the performance.

In the company of my wooden box, I like to invent different pastimes and games according to the situations and people I come across. Sometimes my actions come from my own experiences, other times I take inspiration from the people I meet along the way.


Created and performed by: Silvia Pezzarossi

Artistic assistance: Micha Goldberg

Supported by: Maison de la culture de Molenbeek, CC Brass



  • July 2021 Dance Days Chania, Greece

  • September 2019 Istanbul Fringe Festival

  • October 2018 Performare Festival , Catania, Italy 

  • september 2017 Fetes Romanes, Brussels

  • November 2016 Kunstendag voor kinderen in Wiels, Pianofabriek, Rosas, Brussels

  • April 2016 Festival Molendance, Brussels