Silvia Pezzarossi


I was born in Italy in 1988 and while still really young I was fascinated by movement and body challenge.... every day after school I used to secretly spying the gymnastics lessons of the school gymnasium.. till the day, I was 6, I asked my mum to subscribe me to that gymnastics club.

I practices rhythmic gymnastics for four years till the day a ballet teacher came to train us to be more graceful...from that day I fell in love with ballet dance so I quit gymnastics and I entered the ballet conservatory of my city where I studied till the age of 18.

After so many years of rigorous discipline and personality reset to zero by the good behavior of the ballet dancer I felt it was time to open my artistic knowledges to something new for me.... contemporary dance.

I was trained in contemporary dance in Junior Ballet of Geneva and in Zappalà professional dance school 'Modem Atelier', in Sicily.​

While studying in Sicily I had the pleasure to study and attend a performance by a Belgian choreographer. Fascinated by the northern european art movement I decided, once graduated, to move out of Italy in direction of Brussels.

Here I trained with many international choreographers and teachers and I worked with some of them.

In Brussels I had also the chance to developed my need to create, to turn my thoughts into choreography.

Supported by several Belgian theaters I could make until today three personal dance creations.


Over the last few years, an attraction has developed within me towards body-related therapies and somatic practices. Inspired by the israeli body language Gaga which I've been following for long time, I'm teaching since years a movement improvisation class which I called “DIVE ” based on body sensations and imagery.
I study and I practice Thai Yoga massage in Belgium and Greece and I've recently completed my studies as Pilates instructor.

"Healing through movement" is my daily philosophy.